Back Pain

Back pain refers to pain which starts from the neck to the tailbone. Discomfort can be felt due to sciatica nerve being affected. Others may include muscles and ligaments issues. It could also due to spine structure such as Scoliosis. Pain here can be intense or sharp and requires an Orthopaedic or a Neurologist to diagnose.
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Sciatica pinched nerve refers to back pain that begins in the hip and buttocks. It continues all the way down the leg.
A sudden movement or an injury often sustained from a strain or sprain. It affects the muscles and ligaments. 
Spinal fractures occur when bones in your spine break and collapse. It may be cause by trauma, accident, coughing or sneezing.
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Dr. Mathew Tung has been practicing for over 20 years. He specializes in treatment for back pain. The causes of such problem could be due to, muscles, ligament, slipped disc that affects the sciatica nerve. It could also be structure issues such as Scoliosis. He has the skills in performing Matrix tube spine surgery. Such highly skilled surgery is performed by few Specialists in Singapore. Therefore many have been able to get back to active sports.

How our Neurologist treats

Initial consultation will help to diagnose the specific root cause for the back pain. Our specialist through his years of experience will use different techniques to determine if such pain is serious. In addition, MRI or CT scan can give a clearer idea of the situation. Therefore our doctors are capable to analyze the reading of the films. In less serious conditions, medications coupled with our in-house physio can aid the recovery. In complex cases, our specialist is able to perform Tubular Retractor System, which is a new minimally invasive procedure. Such procedure may involve less risk and less discomfort. Patient undergo this surgery can also expect to discharge within a day.

Back Pain Recovery

Recovery time depends on how serious your low back problem is. Mild cases may resolve in a couple of days. It can take many weeks for more serious conditions. Everyone heals at a different rate. In many cases, non- surgical treatment may be enough in helping you. Our Specialists can help you towards quicker recovery.

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