Neurology and Orthopaedic doctors

Our Neurology and Orthopaedic doctors have a combined experience of over 40 years treating outpatient. We are well equipped to deal with all sorts of bone and nerve related issues. As we are a member of an Orthopaedic clinic, we also treats sports related injuries. Therefore we have specialist discipline in  neurological and orthopaedic treatment. Thus with a combine wealth of knowledge, our clinic is able to provide a comprehensive treatment and interchange of ideas to aid your recovery. Check out our individual doctors’ specialty and focus treatment below.

Dr Mathew Tung (Surgical Neurologist)

Dr. Mathew Tung is a neurologist surgeon. He specializes in any neurological issues pertaining to the body. Read more

Dr Kevin Yip (Orthopaedic doctor)

Dr. Yip is an Orthopaedic surgeon. He specializes in any issues pertaining to joint, limbs and leg. Read more

Dr Palanisamy Arul Murugan (Orthopaedic doctor)

Dr. Palanisamy Arul Murugan is an orthopaedic specialist. He specializes in joint replacement and sports injuries. Read more

Dr S. Bharathi Mohan (Orthopaedic doctor)

Dr. S. Bharathi Mohan is an orthopaedic practioner. He spine, lower limbs and common ortho conditions. Read more

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