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Orthopedic Clinic SG is a bone specialist clinic that treats both Orthopedic and nerve issues. This clinic treats children and adult of different age group in identifying the underlying causes. 

Our Orthopaedic clinic has a team of Orthopedists specializing different anatomy of the body. Each doctor specializes in different bone anatomy such as neck, shoulder, wrist, fingers, back, knee and ankle as well as Musculoskeletal injuries. Therefore common problems such as frozen shoulder, trigger finger, back paincarpal tunnel syndrometennis elbowankle and knee injuries pose no difficulty. 

This team of Orthopeadic specialists has a combined experience of more than 40 years in practice. All have completed their education in one of the top Medical University locally or abroad. They have been serving in Public Hospitals attending to countless patients related to their specialty of interests. No doubt their experience is vital in helping many to recovery and active lifestyle.

Under the oversight of our Senior Orthopaedic doctor, this clinic has been trusted by some important overseas personnel. Quite a number made the trip here for treatment. While travel restrictions are impose, our online consultation continues to provide valuable insight. We appreciate the trust we received and continues to dedicate our services both locally and beyond.

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Wish to see a specialist but don’t wish to leave home due to Covid-19? Also to look for a second opinion for your problem? You do not have to physically visit our specialists. With the advance of technology, you may stay connect with us in Singapore from anywhere. Hence save the travel and get the treatment.

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A recent spike in knee injury due to many people spending more time in exercising due to work from home. Although there are many factors that can contribute to the knee injury, the real reason come from running which many people run with the wrong technique: Some land with knees insufficiently angled for better cushioning; some run with too much up-down motion, which adds unnecessary impact to the knees; while others run with their knees turned slightly outwards, away from the forward direction. The deviation may be small, but over time, it all adds up.

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